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Jeffery A. Vines spent twenty years on the mission field (Zimbabwe, New Zealand) planting churches and training leaders. From 1998-2005 he was the featured speaker on the weekly television broadcast, “Questions of Life,” and frequently debated agnostic and atheist alike on national radio.

For two years Jeff served as the Teaching Pastor at Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA. On January 1, 2008, Jeff became the Lead Pastor of ONE&ALL Church (formerly Christ’s Church of the Valley) in Southern California. Jeff’s is the author of Dinner with SKEPTICS, Defending God in a world that makes no sense (2008, 2011), UnBroken, 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep, Divine Romance, and currently is in the writing stages of a new book.

Jeff and his wife, Robin, have been married for over 30 years and they have two adult children, Delaney and Sian. Delaney and his wife, Jessica, have a daughter, Ada and a son Owen.



Chief Executive Officer


General Manager

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Director Relations & Operations USA


To take the redemptive gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that is lost and broken.

To  bring people who are far from God near to God.

To lead the lost to the foot of the cross where the trinity is revealed and experienced.

To build a growing radio presence through existing international Christian radio networks

To provide an immediate and current commentary on world events.

To equip Churches to better communicate to unchurched people.


Build a growing international radio and social media presence of One and All Media in existing and new markets.

Develop and build active church partnerships, providing resources and ongoing engagement

Support and facilitate Conventions and Events with partner Churches

Build effective international Christian media partnerships and provide resources and support.

Support and engage with existing and new partnership Ministries providing direct support to funding initiatives and events.

Christ Centred

We are a Christ centred organisation that consistently applies the principles of Christ’s teachings in all activities.

Servant Based Leadership

Our mandate is to lead with a servant’s heart of sincerity and loving consideration. We will lead with truth, courage and conviction.


Our focus is to support and equip others to love Christ, build a personal relationship with him and build Christian communities.

A Calling

The entire ONE&ALL initiative is based on a foundation of fostering and building a ministry that is centred on a strong calling and unselfish service.

Prayer Focused

In all areas earnest prayer will be undertaken to seek Christ’s guidance and blessing for his Glory.

God Honouring

We will consistently honour God in all actions by demonstrating Christ like love, compassion and support.


We are a force for good in encouraging and building others in their capability and capacity to lead others to Christ.

Spirit Led

In all areas of decision making and activity a spirit led approach will be sought that includes prayer and scriptural principles.


Our purpose is to sincerely serve partners and followers of Christ and work diligently to spread the good news of the Gospel.


We will demonstrate humility, grow and collaborate with others. We will be known as being easy to work with.


We will always act with resilience and courage and draw strength and guidance from the scriptures.


Our intention is to demonstrate the love of Christ and display a generous spirit in blessing others with love and respect.



To provide relevant and high quality Christ centred preaching programming to international radio audiences

And this gospel of the kingdom shall
be preached in all the world for a  witness
unto all nations.    Matthew 24:14
ONE&ALL Church

Pastor Jeff leads a vibrant and growing Church with multiple campuses in San Dimas, Los Angeles.  The team provides a range of community support and outreach services.

Jeff is personally committed to a vision of global evangelism in partnership with radio, media and Christian organizations in a number of locations that currently include Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  Ministry opportunities and invitations from other countries are currently being progressed by the One and All Media team.