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ONE&ALL Our History

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Over 60 years ago, a small group of 48 people gathered as a church in a Covina home. They believed God was looking for a new kind of church to accomplish His grand vision in the San Gabriel Valley. Their faithfulness opened the doors for God to move in powerful ways.

ONE&ALL Church - Campuses

ONE&ALL San Dimas 

ONE&ALL Church is the custodian and primary funder of  the international ministry work of ONE&ALL Media.  The Church has a strong presence in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County, California.

Each weekend a total of 5 services are held in 3 campuses with the main Church located in San Dimas, Los Angeles, California.  Online Church international visitors typically  join the live video stream from over 130 countries.  ONE&ALL Church is well known by the local and surrounding community with a strong presence in local community assistance.

ONE&ALL Rancho

Rancho Cucamonga is located 20 miles east of the San Dimas Campus and each weekend offers two regular services.   The Campus Pastor is Kelly Soiles.

ONE&ALL West Covina

West Covina is located 10 miles south west of the San Dimas Campus and provides one service each weekend.  The Campus Pastor is Matt Chavez.

The Online team work behind the scenes to deliver 8 online services each weekend that includes prayer support, realtime staff engagement with viewers and support.  The online platform provides access to video services, online realtime support and podcasts.  The Online Pastor is Aaron Magnuson

ONE&ALL Online

Find Out More

We invite you to visit us online at ONE&ALL Church where you can find out more about us including service times, locations, current activities, community initiatives and projects underway.

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